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Circus: A secure and intelligent cloud orchestration platform

Circus is a cloud orchestration platform that simplifies and speeds up business application scheduling on clusters of physical or virtual machines. It enables you to manage your data center as if it’s a single computer and considerably improve your resource utilization.

As hundreds of data problems are solved and hosted at Ognitio, we wanted to provide developers with better control and trust over the way they organize and manage their cluster of hosts.

Circus is a platform built on top of Apache Mesos that provides three main benefits to his users:

  • It abstracts pool of compute resources allowing you to focus on optimizing your applications without worrying about the infrastructure.
  • It enables everything you need to build, run and scale thousands of applications and services in your infrastructure.
  • It promotes a collaborative and transparent environment for your team members.

A key component of Circus is the namespaces. It enables cluster operators to easily partition their resources. This mechanism helps administrators to have full control and visibility over the needs of multiple user communities.

With namespaces, users are now able to work in isolation from other communities.

A lot of effort have also been invested into helping Circus users organize and monitor their hosts at any scale.

Today, Circus schedules, starts, restarts and monitors a full range of applications that run at Ognitio.

Hosting and managing your business apps with our platform frees your IT department to do more in large distributed environments.

Further information is available at: https://ognitio.com/circus